Maxwell’s Latest EMPA Graduates

Executive Education proudly graduated 19 members of the EMPA program at a recent ceremony held at Drumlins Country Club.  These graduates represent seven countries and hail from both the public and nonprofit sectors.   Public Administration Associate Professor Soonhee Kim noted during her keynote speech, “I think that EMPA students and alumni around world are such important assets not only to the Maxwell school but also to the global communities.  Through our networks, we can help each other solve complex and challenging governance issues at the local, national, and international levels.”  She also noted that in her experience with the EMPA program, students have shown courage, compassion, commitment and connection.   EMPA graduates Gifty Biyira from Ghana and Greg Munno from the United States were featured as student speakers.  Both emphasized the value of learning not only from Maxwell faculty but also from their fellow EMPA colleagues.  In attendance for the ceremony were Maxwell faculty, EMPA students, Executive Education staff and many proud family members and friends.

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