Maxwell Alum’s South African Nonprofit Hits Homerun

Ian Edelstein’s passion for baseball and inspiring youth has not only captured the attention of the Philippi Township (located outside Capetown) in South Africa, but also UNICEF. Before attending the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs and receiving his Master in Public Administration, Edelstein established the Philippi Angels Township Baseball Academy in 2006 in order to promote community development and education through baseball. This organization believes that by providing a constructive youth activity, such as baseball, children can develop self-confidence and a positive set of values which can help them combat drug and alcohol use in the township and also engage other racial and economic communities nearby.

After finishing his MPA in 2010, Edelstein returned to South Africa to continue working with the Philippi Township Angels. Fortunately, the organization has received national and international attention. In addition to the UNICEF Sport for Education Award, Derek Jeter has been announced as a Beyond Sport Ambassador and CNN has produced a segment detailing the organization’s mission. To find out more information about The Philippi Angels Township Baseball Academy, please visit their website at

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