Lloyd Purdy (’06 MPA) Works to Revitalize Oregon City

When Lloyd Purdy (’06 MPA), Executive Director of Oregon City’s non-profit Main Street Oregon City, found out that a high traffic bridge would be closed for repairs he worried about the impact it would have on his development strategy for downtown Oregon City. However, instead of viewing the event as an obstacle, he turned it into an opportunity.  “Purdy and many business owners now view the closure as a chance to upgrade the streetscape as a way to improve infrastructure, recruit development professionals and transform downtown,” says Lindsay O’Brien who wrote a feature about Lloyd in the Daily Journal of Commerce.  Purdy hopes that uncovering and highlighting the unique characteristics of Oregon City will spur its development and put the city on the map.

Purdy’s work has helped put Oregon City on the map in other ways as well.   A recent documentary, “The Greenest Building” features the work that Main Street Oregon City is doing to revitalize the 166 year-old downtown district.  Learn more about the movie and the great work Lloyd is doing by visiting the Main Street Oregon City blog.

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