Back to Class at Maxwell! Join Prof. Van Slyke’s PPA 785 Class for Wartime Contracting Panel

This live streamed event is now archived at:
Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Panel on Wartime Contracting – Implementation Challenges

Professor David Van Slyke invites you to join his PPA 785 Policy Implementation class for a panel discussion focusing on wartime contracting.


Prof. William Banks, Esq. – law and public policy perspective
Mr. David Berg (MBA) – DoD and Dept. of the Army perspective
Ms. Johana Ayers (MPA) – GAO and federal perspective
Mr. Robert Toole (MBA) – private contractor perspective

Suggested Reading

Stanger, A. (2010). Transcript of speech delivered at the Carnegie Council. “One Nation Under
Contract: The Outsourcing of American Power and the Future of Foreign Policy.” October 15.

Fontaine, R., and Nagl, J. (2010).
Contracting in Conflicts: The Path to Reform. Center for New American Security, Washington, D.C. (June).

At What Cost? Contingency Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Commission on Wartime Contracting, Washington, D.C. (June 2009).

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