MPA Class of 2011 Celebrates a Year at Maxwell

In true Maxwell fashion, this April’s annual Spring Celebration, hosted by MAXPAC and the MPA Class of 2011, featured  Maxwell staff and faculty portrayed by students during a lively evening of toasting, roasting, and boasting.    The evening was recorded and is available for viewing.  Enjoy the entire show, or view selected performances using the time marks listed below.

Maxwell’s Musical Talent

  • 1:08 Biff & Rosie Jones performing “Lucky”
  • 5:10 Steven Schreiber performing  “Chinese Translation”
  • 9:37 Claire Moss & Ellen Stanley  performing “The Six Seasons of Maxwell”

 Roast – 15:20

  • 17:45 Dean Steinberg
  • 18:40 Christine Omolino
  • 21:35 Professor Palmer
  • 24:14 Professor Dennison
  • 26:25 Professor Lopoo
  • 34:18 Professor Van Slyke
  • 38:17 Professor Bifulco
  • 40:27 Professor McPeak
  • 42:39 Professor O’Leary
  • 44:08 Professor Len Burman
  • 48:15 Professor Bretschneider

View the video:

Thank you to MAXPAC and OrangeHuskyify for making this video available.

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