Gear Up for Your Career with Foreign Policy Association Seminars

The Foreign Policy Association is offering career seminars next month in three cities! Check out the first week of events in New York City:

Careers in International Development: Who is hiring in development & where are the jobs? (October 6)

  • Current career opportunities in international development
  • Home office vs. field assignments, salaries, lifestyle
  • What employers are recruiting for right now

Getting Into the Best International Affairs Graduate Program: What is the best program and degree for your career goals? (October 11)

  • Examine the top International Affairs graduate programs in the U.S. & abroad
  • Valuable information on career options, financial aid, networking
  • Expert guidance on: applications, resumes, interviews, & exams

Landing a Job at the United Nations: Get your foot in the door at the world body (October 12)

  • The various bodies of the U.N. system: what they are & which are currently hiring
  • National Competitive Recruitment Exam preparation
  • Non-traditional points of entry into U.N. employment

Working Around the  World: International jobs: where they are & how to get them (October 13)

  • Explore the wide array of international opportunities
  • Prepare for a global career: degrees, internships, training programs
  • Breaking into the field: resume & application guidance

To register for these events or for following weeks in Washington, D.C., and Boston, go to the FPA website here.

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