Spotlight on the Campbell Public Affairs Institute

The Campbell Public Affairs Institute was named after Alan K. Campbell, an influential professor and public administrator who served as dean at the Maxwell School from 1969 to 1976 and went on to work in the governmental sector for many years. The Campbell Institute seeks to provide a supportive academic environment for the study of the moral, political, organizational, and legal foundations of citizenship and the institutions and organizations that define, support and facilitate citizenship in practice.

The Institute also encourages innovative graduate student research. Students and faculty are encouraged to perform research collaboratively. Students in all programs are invited to present independent research, dissertation proposals, and collaborative work with faculty at Institute seminars. The seminars also serve as a venue for graduate students refining classroom lectures and developing curricular programs related to the Institute’s mission.

Some of the programs sponsored by the Campbell Institution include; “State of Democracy” Lecture Series, “CNY Speaks”, and the “Campbell Conversations” interview-based radio show.

  • Visit the Campbell Institute website
  • Tune in to “Campbell Conversations” on Friday’s at 6:30 on WRVO.
  • Check out videos and podcasts of past Campbell speakers and events
  • Check out current Campbell News for upcoming events and research projects

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