Spotlight on the Center for Policy Research

The Maxwell School’s Center for Policy Research (CPR) conducts innovative social policy research in a fully interdisciplinary setting.  Researchers drawn from across the Maxwell School consult with faculty from other institutions, government agencies and the international community on issues they are studying.  CPR researchers apply economics, sociology, public administration, and public affairs to the Center’s focus areas of aging and health studies, educational finance and policy, public finance, social welfare, poverty and income security, as well as urban and regional studies and econometric methodology.  Research topics range from education and labor force issues to taxation and social welfare programs.  The Center’s faculty members benefit from a shared infrastructure and the opportunity to explore similar topics across disciplines. This collection of specialists brings a depth of experience and skill to CPR and provides a base for visiting scholars from the United States and abroad. The Center also publishes working papers and Policy Briefs produced by faculty and visiting speakers.

The Center houses 30 faculty members, who work closely with the Center’s 25 graduate students.  Through eternally funded research projects, graduate students work with faculty as apprentices to gain experience, field-work credentials, and publication records. Many of the Center’s graduate associates have become successful policy analysts and academic researchers.  This collection of specialists brings a depth of experience and skill to research and offers students opportunities for discussion and advice on their own research.

CPR is also home to two university centers that focus on aging and aging policy.  The SU Gerontology Center and the Center for Aging and Policy Studies are located within CPR. The Gerontology Center is dedicated to advancing aging scholarship through research, teaching, and service. The Gerontology Center provides information about aging-related courses, research projects, lectures, funding opportunities, and online resources at SU. It also administers an undergraduate- and graduate-level certificate of achievement in gerontology.  The Center for Aging and Policy Studies (CAPS), an initiative of the SU Gerontology Center, was founded in July 2009 with support from the National Institute on Aging. It is one of 14 centers funded through NIA’s Demography and Economics of Aging Centers program.  CAPS encourages, supports, and disseminates interdisciplinary and policy-relevant research centered in the demography and economics of aging.

For more information about the Center, its faculty, research, or activities, please visit the Center’s webpage at:

Click here to see upcoming CPR events

Click here to view the center’s Community Calendar

Click here to learn more about the CPR Lecture Series

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