Spotlight on the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs


The mission of the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs  is to extend, integrate, and focus the Maxwell School’s commitment to exploring the international and global concerns raised by an interdependent world of diverse cultures, economies, and political systems; support interdisciplinary, collaborative research projects among teams of faculty and graduate students to work on understanding and solving critical world problems; and maintain a productive dialogue between the academic and policymaking communities in the process of translating theory into practice.

The Moynihan Institute is home to five regional studies centers: the East Asia Program,  the South Asia Center , the Moynihan European Research Centers, the Program in Latin America and the Caribbean , the Middle East Studies Center and the Korean Peninsula Affairs Center (KPAC).

The regional centers provide the Syracuse University student body with chances to learn more about the world in which they live and will work, facilitating students gaining education, research, language, and internship experiences in these various regions. The centers also provide curriculum development grants for faculty to create new courses on regional topics and monies to hire language instructors in less familiar languages, such as Turkish and Hindi.

The Moynihan Institute is also home to three thematic initiatives which resonate with the life-long interests of Senator Moynihan as well as the interests of the faculty and graduate students of the Maxwell School involved in studying international and global issues. These include the Transnational Societal Security Initiative , the Transnational NGO Initiative, and the Global Black Spots: Mapping Global Insecurity Initiative.

Finally, the Moynihan Institute often hosts interesting lectures and sponsors research projects. Click here to view upcoming events!

One thought on “Spotlight on the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs

  1. Please note that NGO Sustainability( has openings for interns and associates, as a Transnational NGO.

    Roma Stibravy

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