Anne Wadsworth ’09 MPA Featured in Article on the Global Issue of Educating Girls

Anne Robinson Wadsworth, who is working to fund a new school for girls in a rural African village,  was recently interviewed for “Education 2012: The global issue of educating girls”, an article in the Buffalo Spree.

Wadsworth became engaged in the girls’ global education issue while studying for her master’s in public administration at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Through her coursework and involvement with international students, she says she “learned the impact of what happens when a girl in a developing country receives an education.”

A Buffalo native and former East Aurora School Board member, Wadsworth helped establish Enterprise Charter School in Buffalo and now serves as executive director of a new nonprofit corporation, the Girls Education Collaborative (GEC). GEC was incubated within the Buffalo Tanzania Education Project, an initiative of the University at Buffalo’s Center for Education Collaboration. In partnership with a local order of Tanzanian nuns, the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa, GEC is sponsoring the Kitenga Village Project, an ambitious plan of community development and life-altering improvements  that begins with the building of a boarding school for 1,500 girls, kindergarten through secondary,  on land donated by the Tanzanian government. For the full article, click here.

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