Jo Becker ’96 MPA Publishes Book: “Campaigning for Justice: Human Rights Advocacy in Practice”

Jo 2012 A

Campaigning for Justice explores the practical strategies behind some of the most innovative human rights campaigns in recent years. The book draws on interviews with dozens with experienced human rights advocates to explain how they were able to fight seemingly intractable abuses and secure concrete advances in human rights. It explores a rich array of issues, from the international campaigns to end the use of child soldiers and to bring former Liberian President Charles Taylor to trial for war crimes, to national efforts to overcome homophobic violence in Nepal and Jamaica, and the courageous struggle of Libyan families to stand up to the Qaddafi regime to demand justice for a prison massacre. Profiles of individual advocates explore their real-life struggles and challenges, and the motivation behind their work for justice. The book provides valuable lessons on what “works” in human rights advocacy, the rich diversity of tools and strategies available, and the courage and persistence with which human rights advocates conduct their work.

To learn more about Campaigning for Justice, click here.

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