Howard A. Palley ’63 PhD Co-Authors Book on Canadian Health Care System

howard palley blog picDr. Howard A. Palley, along with Marie-Pascale Pomey and Owen B. Adams, has co-authored and published a book through Cambria Press titled, “The Political and Economic Sustainability of Health Care in Canada: Private-Sector Involvement in the Federal Provincial Health Care System.” Palley’s work is a strikingly relevant read as the world watches to see how Obamacare will transform the American political landscape and business environment.

Former Canadian Minister of National Health and Welfare, The Honorable Monique Bégin, praises the book, stating that, “The American public views the Canadian healthcare system either as a socialist NHS or at best–an unending challenge to square a circle. In fact, this original universal health care system embodies the difference between political cultures of two otherwise similar countries. Through three case studies–Ontario, Quebec and Alberta–this remarkable comparative analysis sheds light on how the Canadian ‘medicare,’ as people call it, copes with the pressures of financial sustainability. Fascinating is the discussion of how varied provincial political leaders promote an increased role for the private sector within the historical parameters of the Canada Health Act (1984), and the difficulty for Canadians to remain “objective” in discussing the private sector in health care.  This publication is an authoritative study of interest for readers on both sides of the 49th parallel.”

For more information on Palley and his work, click here.

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