Sourabh Gupta ’00 MAIR Co-Authors Alaska Business Monthly Article

SourabhGupta“Alaska’s North Slope and LNG: North America’s energy bridge to Asia,” co-authored by Sourabh Gupta ’00 MAIR, was published in the February 2013 edition of Alaska Busness Monthly. The article analyzes the geopolitical and economic implications of the United States becoming an energy self-sufficient country, and the unique position of Alaska as the U.S.’s “energy bridge” to Asia.

Sourabh Gupta is currently a Senior Research Associate at Samuels International Associates Inc., a strategic international trade and political advisory firm based in Washington, D.C. He holds master’s degrees in international security studies and international relations from the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, respectively. He is currently a 2012 East Asia Forum Distinguished Fellow. His areas of analysis include: US-India, China-India and Japan-India bilateral relationships; political, security and economic risk evaluation of key states in the Asia/Asia-Pacific region; coverage of the World Trade Organization and Asia-Pacific trade policy, politics and negotiations; analysis of developments in Asian economic and financial regionalism, and macroeconomic analysis of Indian economic and trade policy.

Read the article here.

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