Karen Fox ’00 PhD (Soc) Uses Maxwell Lessons to Lead Aspen Program for Psychic Development

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Karen Fox Ph.D '00

Karen Fox is not a typical Maxwell graduate. She’s a professional psychic, medical intuitive, and spirit medium. In 2010, Karen established the Aspen Program for Psychic Development based in Denver, Colorado. Registrations have increased each year as people interested in developing their innate psychic abilities find comfort with an instructor coming from a mainstream perspective.

In addition to her doctorate in Sociology from Syracuse, Karen has training and experience in hypnotherapy, massage therapy, an undergraduate in business, a 20-year career in the Department of Defense, and she was an assistant professor at the University of Colorado at the health sciences campus.

With this diverse background, Karen ventured into a space typically relegated to the weird and woo woo. “It’s time to acknowledge what successful scientists and business owners have long known-the psychic sense can give you an edge, something we all need in these economic times!  Everyone is psychic; everyone can develop this natural sense.”  Karen brought skills and perspectives she acquired at Maxwell into the Aspen Program.  She often incorporates sociological theory into the curriculum.

“I turned down a fellowship at another university to take a working teaching assistant job because Maxwell offered a program with diversity, the Future Professoriate program, and professors with a track record of scholarship.  Being from the Washington, DC area, it added to my decision to come to Maxwell because of the many government officials over the decades who hail from Syracuse.”  Karen taught freshman sociology and participated in curriculum development with a faculty group while at Syracuse.

“Maxwell has a major role in shaping the direction of our country.  It’s an exciting campus to be on, and I highly recommend it to prospective students who want to make a difference in the world.  I understand that things psychic are still trivialized or dismissed.  But this is changing.  A social studies teacher at a local public high school invited me to give a talk to his students about the psychic sense.  Mouths still gape when I tell people that I speak at this school!”

Karen’s advice for current students? “I value intellectual curiosity.  I recommend students set aside pre-conceived notions about the subjects they will encounter at Syracuse.  College is about developing critical thinking skills that take you out of your comfort zone so you can explore new ideas.  When you allow yourself to be stretched by an open-minded approach, your learning experience at Syracuse will be maximized – and you will have lifelong skills for continuing to grow and develop.”

Karen can be contacted at AspenProgram@yahoo.com.

To read more alumni profiles, visit the Office of Alumni Relations website.

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