Chris Meek ’92 BA (PSc & Econ) Serves Soldiers Through Non-Profit Work

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chris meekChristopher Meek is the chairman and co-founder of, a non-profit dedicated to serving men and women who are or have recently served in the United States Armed Forces. He earned a dual BA in economics and political science from Maxwell in 1992, and also holds an MBA from Pace University. Originally from Elmira, NY, Christopher now lives in Stamford, CT.

SoldierSocks’ mission is to support individuals in the U.S. Armed Forces with the simple, yet essential, things they need to succeed. The organization provides those on the battlefield with things taken for granted by most of us at home, such as socks, baby wipes and basic hygienic items. For those who return home, SoldierSocks helps to find employment, foster continuing education and support those wounded on the field of battle. As Christopher puts it, “SoldierSocks is here to help soldiers take their next steps forward.” Since July 2009, the non-profit has shipped more than 50,000 pounds, or 25-tons, of basic essentials to U.S. troops.

To read Christopher’s full alumni profile, click here.

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