Pat Fiorenza ’11 MPA Helps Government Employees Share Best Practices Through GovLoop

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Pat Fiorenza 11' MPA

Pat Fiorenza is currently a Research Analyst at GovLoop. is a knowledge network for government employees. He received his MPA from the Maxwell School in 2011. Pat also received a bachelors degree in Political Science and minor in Business from Duquesne University.

GovLoop is still a young company, but quickly growing out of the title of a “start-up.” GovLoop’s mission is to connect government employees and share resources across government. This is done through the creation of blogs, forum discussions, guides, research reports, and also have comprehensive resources for public sector job seekers. The GovLoop network has more than 60,000+ members across all sectors and levels of government. The membership includes state, local, federal, academia and private sector professionals. Topical areas across government covered by GovLoop include:  acquisition, careers, communications, human resources, leadership, project management and technology.

In his role, Pat authors and manages the creation of research reports, writes a monthly blog series, interviews thought leaders in government, and works to identify best practices to help facilitate knowledge sharing across government. Since graduating from Maxwell, he has written over 250 blog posts covering dozens of areas of government, everything from cloud computing to hiring reform. He has also written reports covering workforce planning, customer service and technology in government. As he puts it: “It’s a great position, and has exposed me to numerous areas of government. I’ve also had the opportunity to speak at several events in Washington, DC.”

A Syracuse native, Pat enjoys telling the story of how he got to Maxwell, and how Maxwell got him where he is today: “I grew up just outside of Syracuse, in Liverpool, NY. I would often visit my grandparents and Aunt Mary Ann at their house in the heart of the City on Clifton Place in Eastwood. My grandfather, whom I am named after, worked at the former tailoring company, Learbury’s, as a tailor for 65 years. He started working there at 15, breaking into work before child labor inspectors arrived. My Aunt Mary Ann was a teacher at Corcoran High School for over 25 years. My grandmother had the hardest job of them all, taking care of the home and keeping the family in check. Now, my father runs a law firm in Upstate NY. My mother teaches art at Oasis and is also a docent at the Everson Museum of Art. My twin sister Christina is studying medicine at SUNY Upstate and my sister Teresa is a music teacher. I have some great childhood memories of going to the Carrier Dome, Syracuse Symphony, and then working at Syracuse Habitat for Humanity during my time as a member of AmeriCorps. I share this information to show how I have a deep connection to the Syracuse community, and receiving my Maxwell degree was one of the proudest days in my life.”

What makes Maxwell different? “To me, the emphasis of the Athenian Oath and the call to ‘transmit this city not less, but greater, than it was transmitted to us,’ is what differentiates Maxwell from other institutions. This mindset was instilled in me during my time at Maxwell, and the Athenian Oath has made a profound impact on me professionally and personally.  Decades ago, my grandfather also took the same Oath, as he broke into work, and ultimately transmitted something greater to me. Decades later it is my turn to not only transmit a greater life to my family, but also to my community. That is Maxwell’s lasting impact.”

One of the most impactful experiences of Pat’s time at Maxwell was working as a graduate assistant for Professor Ines Mergel, and by taking her courses. “Through [Professor Mergel’s] mentorship, I met the President of GovLoop, Steve Ressler. My story of building relationships with professors and the close-knit community I have developed is by no means unique. My story is echoed by dozens of students who studied at Maxwell.”

Pat is also passionate about providing a positive outlook for the public sector to his peers, Pat states, “I often like to talk about the Great Myth of the Millennial Generation. It’s a myth that we won’t live as well as our parents. Studying and working with public sector professionals, I understand the complexities and the work ahead of my generation to turn the ship around. Whether it is fixing the debt, reforming Medicaid/Medicare, social security, pension reform, securing equality, our hands are full as a generation. Now is the time to pull up our bootstraps as a generation. Maxwell is at the center of exposing this myth, training future public sector leaders to excel and tackle the complexities facing our society.”

Pat can be reached at

To read more alumni profiles, visit the Office of Alumni Relations website.

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