Shamsiyya Mustafayeva EMPA ‘09/MAIR ‘10 Helps Develop Global Leaders at Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy


alum-news.buttonGrowing up in Azerbaijan, a fledgling democracy once under the control of the former Soviet Union, Shamsiyya Mustafayeva EMPA ’09 , MAIR ’10 dreamed of saving the world one day. “I told my dad, I want to go to Africa. I want to go to Latin America,” says Mustafayeva, a former Peace Corps training director who went on to earn master’s degrees in public affairs and international relations at the Maxwell School. Her father told her, “You know, we have lots of big issues here. If you want to help, maybe you should look at that first. If that’s fine enough, then you can look at international jobs.” Now the associate vice rector for academic affairs at the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA), where she plays a key role in the development of global leaders, Mustafayeva has found a way to do both.

To read the rest of Shamsiyya’s story, visit Syracuse University’s website.

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