Enayatullah Alamyar ’11 EMPA is the senior legal advisor for the United States Agency for International Development

alum-news-buttonEnayatullah Alamyar
The United States Agency for International Development has named Enayatullah Alamyar ’11 EMPA their senior legal advisor for their Mining Investment and Development for Afghanistan Sustainability (MIDAS) Project. As senior legal advisor, Alamyar is responsible for providing legal consultations on mining and petroleum contracts in compliance with mining and petroleum laws and regulations. He has an active role in the legal review committee for the Legislative Drafting Department of the Ministry of Justice, where he discusses new mining and hydrocarbon laws and regulations.

In 2012, Alamyar worked for the World Bank as their legal advisor for the Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project Ministry of Mines. His role there included providing professional and technical support and advice related to policy and programs development to the Minister, Deputy Minister and legal services directorate.

Prior to his work at the World Bank, Alamyar served as the senior parliamentary specialist for the United States Academic Decathlon. His position included managing the Legislative Team, planning it activities and in the conduct of committee meetings, public hearings, and outreach programs.

Before receiving his EMPA from the Maxwell School, Alamyar received a bachelor of arts in law and political science from the Law School of Kabul University in 2004.

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