Bill Wyckoff ’79 MA Geog/’82 PhD publishes book, How to Read the American West: A Field Guide

The University of Washington Press recently published Bill Wyckoff’s book How to Read the American West: A Field Guide in their Weyerhaeuser Environmental Books Series (edited by Bill Cronon).

image001The book introduces readers to the region while also challenging them to look beneath the surface and think critically about common landscape features in the West. This publication has been said to be a great help with experiencing and thinking about the West in new and exciting ways.In addition to writing his most recent book, Wyckoff was a contributing author for the textbook, Diversity Amid Globalization: World Regions, Environment, Development, that was published this past spring.

Currently, Wyckoff serves as a professor of Geography at Montana State University in the department of Earth Sciences. Before working for Montana State University, Wyckoff served as a professor at the University of Georgia in the department of geography.

In 2013, Wyckoff received the Anna K. Fridley Award for Distinguished Teaching for his work at Montana State University.

Before receiving his MA and PhD in Geography from the Maxwell School, Wyckoff received a bachelor of arts in geography from California State University.

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