90th Anniversary Event: The Tanner Lecture Series on Ethics, Citizenship, and Public Responsibility with Richard Ravitch 10/10

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The Tanner Lecture Series on Ethics, Citizenship, and Public Responsibility

Public Responsibility and the Federal-State Disconnect


Richard Ravitch

Former Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York

RavitchRichard(creditDonaldL Miller)

 Richard Ravitch is a lawyer/businessman/public official who has been engaged in both private and public business for more than 50 years. He was the chairman and chief executive officer of HRH Construction Corporation and after his years of public service for the State of New York, he became chairman and CEO of the Bowery Savings Bank. In 1975, at the request of Governor Hugh Carey of the State of New York, Mr. Ravitch assumed the chairmanship of the near-bankrupt New York State Urban Development Corporation, successfully keeping the corporation solvent and completing construction of 30,000 low-income housing units. For five years beginning in 1979, he served as chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, reorganizing the MTA and improving the region’s transportation infrastructure. In 1988, he was the chairman of the Charter Revision Commission of the City of New York.

In 1999, Congress created the Millennial Housing Commission to examine the federal government’s role in meeting the nation’s growing affordable housing challenges. Mr. Ravitch was appointed to serve as co-chair of the Commission which led a diverse group of 22 housing experts in an intensive 17 month process to rethink America’s affordable housing policy. The Commission presented its report to Congress in May, 2002. The report recommended a series of initiatives to create new housing tools, reform several current programs and streamline existing programs.

 Mr. Ravitch recently served as lieutenant governor of the State of New York.

 Mr. Ravitch recently co-chaired the State Budget Crisis Task Force with former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Paul A. Volcker.

Maxwell Auditorium

Friday, October 10

4 p.m. Lecture

Reception following

No RSVP required, but arrive early for the best seating. Overflow seating will be provided.

Need Parking?   Visit the Orange Central website for details

  Contact Norma Shannon at (315) 443- 5504 or at nshannon@maxwell.syr.edu with questions.

The event will be streamed live on Ustream and archived on the Maxwell School  YouTube channel

This event is being held in conjunction with the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs 90th anniversary and Syracuse University’s Orange Central reunion and homecoming.   More details about this exciting lecture will be released shortly.  In the meantime, follow the links below to learn more about Orange Central and Maxwell’s 90th anniversary.

This event is presented in conjunction with the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Maxwell School.

Learn more about Orange Central


Celebrate your greatest SU moments at Orange Central 2014! Make new memories with classmates, students, faculty and staff, and special guests; relive some proud times in our history, and cheer on SU football at Saturday’s game against Florida State.

Orange Central is the place to catch up at special reunions, classes of 1964, 1984, 1989, and Generation Orange, our graduates of the last 10 years! Goon Squad, Kappa Alpha Theta, The Shaw Center, Marching Band, and Spirit Team will also have special celebrations at Orange Central.

Visit the Orange Central website, orangecentral.syr.edu to stay updated. More information on events and registration is being added daily.

What does it mean to be an ethical citizen? What do the needs for public responsibility demand from us, whether we work in the private or the public sectors, and whether we are entry-level employees or top leaders? The Tanner Lecture Series on Ethics, Citizenship, and Public Responsibility provides a public forum for exploring these questions in provocative and challenging ways. Speakers are leaders in their fields who have wrestled with these questions and demonstrated—through their life and work—that generative efforts can enrich both our private and public lives. Collectively the lectures aim to stimulate audiences to re-envision their own responsibilities in different, and at times deliberately unsettling ways—not merely to inform, but to engage and provoke, and to leave a lasting impression that influences future behavior. In this way, the Tanner Lectures seek to expand horizons and spark new conversations about the problems and opportunities we collectively face as citizens of nations and of the world.

The series has been generously endowed by Dr. W. Lynn Tanner, founder, CEO, and chairman of TEC Canada, a leadership development organization dedicated to accelerating the growth and development of outstanding twenty-first century leaders. Dr. Tanner received a PhD from the Maxwell School in 1975, where his studies focused on organizational change and development in the public and private sectors.  For more information visit  The Campbell Public Affairs Institute.


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