NGO with Syracuse University ties in Nepal redirects efforts from agriculture to relief


Nepal Aythos, an NGO in Nepal, is adjusting its efforts from agriculture to relief, in order to meet the needs of Himalayan villages that have been devastated by the recent earthquakes. People in these villages are in immediate need of temporary shelter, medical attention, and food and water.

To help coordinate these efforts Beau Miller ’10 MAIR will be on the ground, supported by a board of directors that include Syracuse alumni, Adam Shinn ’10 MAIR, Gina Barbone ’10 MAIR, and Linda Koritkoski ’99 BA.  In the coming weeks and months, Aythos will be assessing needs in affected communities in order to facilitate relief and recovery efforts.

Aythos has been working in Nepal for six years, and has local staff already in place to support these efforts. In addition to these local staff members, other staff in Nepal include Aythos’ finance director, David Mabry,and  Hung Cheong Kam, a current Maxwell graduate student and former US Marine.

Aythos hopes to raise funds and awareness for work from the Maxwell and Syracuse communities. To help, visit their donation and Facebook pages for more information.

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