Blue Water Baltimore names Carl Simon ’09 MPA director of programs

Carl Simon started in his new role as director of programs with Blue Water Baltimore, the area’s leading environmental nonprofit organization with the goal of restoring the local waterways through urban forestry, stormwater management, advocacy, and education. In Simon’s role he oversees and supports the programs that are putting Green Infrastructure projects in the ground. This includes the Urban Forestry Program which plants 2,500 trees a year, as well as the Stormwater Management Program which currently has about 10 medium to large-scale community greening projects underway. With all the recent attention given to Baltimore’s structural economic and social problems, highlighted by the riots here in the City in April, Simon and Blue Water Baltimore are now seeking a comprehensive, community-based approach in directing Blue Water’s programs. This model will target 5 low-income neighborhoods within the City that are in need of investment, and offers all of the organization’s full suite of programs in a comprehensive manner. While the recent crisis in Baltimore have discouraged some, Simon and Blue Water Baltimore are pushing forward with investing in Green Infrastructure with the areas that need it most.

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