Vladislav Kravtsov ’05 MA PSc / ’11 PhD PSc publishes new book on HIV/AIDS Governance

Vladislav Kravtsov recently published the book entitled, “Norm Diffusion and HIV/AIDS Governance in Putin’s Russia and Mbeki’s South Africa.” Kravtsov argues that recent debates about the nature of authority in Putlin’s Russia and Mbeki’s South Africa have resulted in a set of unique ideas on the cardinal goals of the state. The book explores how these consensual ideas have shaped health governance and impinged on norm diffusion processes. Kravtsov’s work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, and he currently serves as coinvestigator on the study Understanding Global Governance in a Globalizing World: International Cooperation in Response to HIV/AIDS. He is a frequent contributor to the debates about current affairs in the Russian media.

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