James A. Jacobs ’73 (MSSc) has published his second novel, “Days of the Dead”

JamesJacobsJames A. Jacobs has published a new novel, Days of the Dead. It is a sequel to his 2010 novel Transgressions, a novel set in 1950’s Syracuse when pro boxing was controlled by organized crime. It is narrated by the teen protagonist Daniel Mendoza. His new novel is a historical thriller set in Mexico City 1968 with the Tlatelolco Massacre as the backdrop. The massacre, which occurs ten days before the 1968 Mexico City Summer Olympics are to begin, is planned by President Díaz Ordaz in order to end a summer-long protest by activist students. As a result hundreds of students and their supporters — men, women and children — are surrounded and murdered by 5,000 army troops and police near the Tlatelolco housing project. The story is narrated by the same protagonist, now a 28-year-old American journalist, who inserts himself into the conflict which has major consequences, including the disappearance of his wife and 8-year-old daughter. Jacobs is a professor emeritus (journalism, English) at Diablo Valley College, a community college near San Rafael, CA where he lives. For more information about the two novels and the author, see his author website http://www.jamesajacobs. com.

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