Ajit Banerjee ’55 MPA editor of “Global Perspectives on Foreign Policy of Major Powers”

Ajit.BanerjeeAjit Banerjee recently edited a book titled Global Perspectives on Foreign Policy of Major Powers. The book focuses on a set of world powers in order to analyze how the strategic issues of foreign policy have emerged as a predominant subject at the nation-state level due to the forces of terrorism, the threat of ISIS, and cyber attacks. Ajit Banerjee is a consultant on foreign policy and governance. He was a faculty member of the National Institute of Public Administration, Consultant to Punjab government, and Government of India on management improvement. He has also been invited by the United Nations (UN) and assigned to the UN Economic Commission for Asia and Far East (ESCAP), as Regional Advisor.  He was also assigned to UN Headquarters in New York as Special Advisor and Principal Coordinator for administrative reform, governance, and foreign policy programs. His career with the United Nations spanned over 32 years. This was followed by appointment as Deputy Director of the UN Center for Development Administration. In 2013, Banerjee was awarded the Paul Appleby Award for his outstanding service in Public Policy and Management.

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