Walt Addison Linscott ’83 BA (PSc) is now president COO and general counsel of business development at Biotech Venture – Treiber Therapeutics, Inc.


Walt Addison Linscott is now president COO and general counsel of business development at Biotech Venture – Treiber Therapeutics, Inc., a firm that develops, invests in, and manages early stage biotechnology companies. In his role, he is responsible for strategic development, finance, business development, management, and all legal issues pertaining to various enterprises under development. This is not his first position in the biotechnology industry. Previously, he was business operations executive, and the general counsel and corporate secretary at Cocrystal, a pharmaceutical company that develops antiviral treatments for serious and/or chronic viral diseases.

Joseph Pinjuh ’88 BA (PSc) receives award for outstanding contributions to community partnerships for public safety


Joseph Pinjuh, Chief of the Organized Drug Enforcement Task Force and Narcotics Unit in the Northern District of Ohio, received the Attorney General’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Community Partnerships for Public Safety in Washington D.C. in November of 2016. The award was presented by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for Pinjuh’s work in Ohio combating the current heroin/fentanyl epidemic. Pinjuh has been an Assistant United States Attorney with the Department of Justice since 1998.

Mary Daly ’91 MPhil (Econ)/’94 PhD (Econ) appointed executive vice president and director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco


Mary Daly has been appointed executive vice president and director of economic research at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. In her role, Ms. Daly will oversee research that supports the development of monetary policy and that helps to further the understanding of the economy nationally and globally. Prior to her appointment, Ms. Daly was senior vice president and associate director of Economic Research at the San Francisco Fed. Currently, she serves on the U.S. Congressional Budget Office Panel of Economic Advisers and is a research fellow at the University of Southern California Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics and at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn, Germany. She also serves on the Bank’s Executive Committee, the governance group in charge of strategic direction and policy for the Twelfth District, and chairs the Bank’s Diversity Council. More information can be found at: http://www.frbsf.org/our-district/press/news-releases/2016/mary-c-daly-appointed-executive-vice-president-and-director-of-research/?utm_source=frbsf-home-in-the-news&utm_medium=frbsf&utm_campaign=in-the-news

Mahesh Bhave ’85 MPA/’87 PhD (SSc) writes new book, “The Microgrid Revolution: Business Strategies For Next-Generation Electricity”

alum-news-buttonMahesh Bhave’s new book, “The Microgrid Revolution: Business Strategies For Next-Generation Electricity,” was recently published by Praeger. His book addresses energy policy and industry structural issues in the context of technological advancement and climate change. It proposes business strategies for utilities, non-traditional new entrants in electricity, and entrepreneurs. Currently, he is a visiting professor of strategy at the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. Previously, he was CEO and founder of Circlelink, a technology company based in California that provides personal servers with a web interface for individuals to publish content for family and friends. More information on his book can be found here: http://www.abc-clio.com/ABC-CLIOCorporate/product.aspx?pc=A4496C. Additionally, he writes regularly for Renewable Energy World, and his articles may be found at: http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/authors/a-f/maheshbhave.html.

John Berry ’81 MPA is now president of American Australian Association

alum-news-button John Berry  is now the president of the American Australian Association, a non-profit organization headquartered in New York City. The organization provides a forum for exchange between political and business leaders across the United States and Australia, with the goal of strengthening and promoting economic, educational, governmental, and cultural ties between the two nations. In his previous position, Berry served as the United States Ambassador to Australia, after he was nominated to the post by President Barack Obama and unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate in 2013.


Judith Douglas ’77 BA (AmSt)/’81 MPA now Chair of the Institute for Innovation Advisory Board



The American Council for Technology – Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) announced that Judith Douglas is now Chair of the Institute for Innovation Advisory Board after serving as Vice Chair for 3 months. ACT-IAC created the Institute for Innovation to provide “an objective, non-partisan forum for strategic thought leadership to advance government missions through the innovative application and management of information technology.” Douglas is a client industry executive at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where she utilizes her expertise in public service at the federal, state, and local levels. The press release can be found here: https://www.actiac.org/judith-douglas-selected-chair-institute-innovation-advisory-board-0



Deborah Alexander ’82 MSSc/’95 PhD (SSc) represents U.S. on international delegation to observe Duma elections in Russia.

alum-news-button Deborah Alexander represented the United States on an international delegation to observe the September 2016 Duma elections in Russia. Additionally, she was the only American to travel to Siberia to work with the regional election commission. After a diplomatic career in Bosnia, Kosovo, and other Eastern European countries, and almost a decade of service in Afghanistan after September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, she now splits her time between Lexington, Ky. and Washington, D.C.