Joanna Geraghty ’97 JD/IR appointed board chair at anti-poverty nonprofit

alum-news-buttonJoanna_GeraghtyJoanna Geraghty was appointed chair of the board of directors at Concern Worldwide U.S. Concern is an international humanitarian organization that improves the lives of people living in extreme poverty. Geraghty is executive vice president of customer experience at JetBlue, where she was previously director of litigation and regulatory affairs. For more information about her achievement, click here.

Alexander Rossino ’92 MA (Hist) / ’99 PhD (Hist) publishes novel about the Civil War

alum-news-buttonSixDaysSept_LRGAlexander Rossino has published Six Days in September with Savas Beatie, a publisher of historical titles of distinction. The book is a historical novel based on true events that occurred in the Civil War, specifically General Robert E. Lee’s Maryland campaign of 1862. Previously Rossino has published extensively on WWII, Germany, and the Holocaust including the 2003 book Hitler Strikes Poland: Blitzkrieg, Ideology, and Atrocity from the University Press of Kansas. For more information about Rossino’s new book, click here.

Pamela D. Caraccioli ’94 MPA named woman of distinction; made director-at-large

alum-news-buttonPamela_Caraccioli_croppedPamela D. Caraccioli was named a 2017 Woman of Distinction, and elected as director-at-large of the New York State Economic Development Council (NYSEDC). Caraccioli was honored in a ceremony recognizing her leadership and dedication while working with Oswego Health. Her appointment as director-at-large with the NYSEDC affirms Caraccioli’s unparalleled expertise working alongside state and local economic development programs. Caraccioli is currently deputy to the SUNY Oswego president for external partnerships and economic development. More information about Caraccioli and her new position can be found here.

Shana Udvardy ’90 BA (IR) has articled published on the importance of confirming new FEMA administrator


Shana Udvardy’s article, “5 Reasons Why Congress Should Immediately Greenlight the Nation’s Natural Disaster Responder-in-Chief,” was published in June of 2017. In the article, Udvardy draws from her expertise as a climate preparedness specialist with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. She posits that Congress should waste no time confirming the newly appointed Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administrator, Brock Long. It appears Udvardy’s plea to Congress paid off: In late June of 2017, shortly after Udvardy’s article was published, Brock was confirmed as FEMA’s next administrator by the U.S. Senate with an overwhelming majority. More information about Udvardy and her article can be found here.

Shuntaro Tsukamoto ’97 MAIR is now head of product management at Vanguard Investments Japan


Shuntaro Tsukamoto is now head of product management at Vanguard Investments Japan. Vanguard is one of the world’s largest investment companies. In his new role, Tsukamoto is in charge of establishing client relations and maintaining investment services to Japanese clients. In addition, he assists Vanguard clients throughout Asia as a fixed income product specialist. Previously, Tsukamoto served as vice president at Goldman Sachs Asset Management Co., Ltd in Tokyo, Japan. 

Rebecca Brune ’94 MPA is now president and chief operating officer of San Antonio Area Foundation

alum-news-button Rebecca Brune is now president and chief operating officer of the San Antonio Area Foundation, a Texas based nonprofit that makes grants from funds established by individuals, families, and businesses to support charitable causes. In her new position, Brune is responsible for the foundation’s daily management, operations, and leadership cultivation. In addition, she is in charge of executing the foundation’s strategic plan — no small task considering the foundation manages nearly $905 million in assets and has distributed more than $358 million for scholarships and grants aimed at education, preserving the environment, and funding research. In her role as president and COO, Brune brings expertise she’s gained from previous positions, including five years as senior vice president of strategic planning and growth at Methodist Healthcare Ministries, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to acquiring healthcare for the uninsured.

Mark J. Headd ’94 MPA has article published about innovative open data programs in small to mid-sized cities


While large cities in the United States have long embraced the use of open data, most small to mid-sized do not share the same enthusiasm for universally accessible data, nor do they have the policy or technology infrastructure necessary to put in place such programs. However, city leaders in some mid-sized cities are beginning to emulate the successful open data programs of larger ones. This is the topic of a recent article by Mark J. Headd. In the article, Headd uses the example of Syracuse, N.Y, where city officials have adopted the data-driven innovation of larger cities like New York City, while participating in key strategic relationships–such as its involvement in the What Works Cities program–to utilize open data as a strategic asset to help foster innovation. Headd’s article draws from his long and successful career in the data and information technology and management fields. Currently, he is innovation specialist at Technology Transformation Service (18f). In previous positions he served as the chief data officer for the city of Philadelphia, and as a technical evangelist for the computer software firm Accela. His recent article can be found here.