Marion Araque ’11 BA (IR) is now campus director at Citizen Schools


Marion Araque is now campus director at Citizen Schools, an organization that advocates to make expanded learning the new normal for all students. In her role as campus director, Araque supervises and mentors a group of AmeriCorps teaching fellows and volunteers, and serves as an instructional leader for the Citizen Schools program. By using an apprenticeship program known as the Extended Learning Time model, Citizen Schools partners up with public districts to add instructional time to the school day by offering hands-on learning opportunities, academic support, and structured homework time.

Eric Heighberger ’93 BA (IR) is now chief of staff at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


Eric Heighberger has been appointed to serve as the chief of staff for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This is not his first appointment with FEMA.  During the George W. Bush Administration he served as deputy director for legislative affairs, and later as advisor to former administrator David Paulison and deputy administrator Harvey Johnson. He also worked with FEMA’s Public Assistance program in New York City from 2001-2003, and was deployed with the same program after the 2004 hurricanes in Florida. In addition to his work with FEMA, from 2008-2009 he served on the White House Homeland Security Council as director of response policy. Aside from his positions with FEMA and the White House, he has worked in the private sector and on Capitol Hill. Prior to his current role with FEMA, from 2013-2017 he was deputy staff director for the House Homeland Security Committee. Additionally, he served as a professional staff member to the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee from 2011-2012.


Sheridan Marfil ’05 BA (IR) is now director of digital outreach at Subject Matter

Sheridan Marfil ’05 BA (IR) is now director of digital outreach at Subject Matter, a public relations and communications company based  in Washington, D.C. that specializes in public affairs by pairing legislative and policy expertise with advertising, digital, content, and media savvy. In her role, she manages digital strategies and conducts targeted digital outreach and engagement efforts. Before joining Subject Matter, she was vice president of all things digital at Voto Latino, a nonprofit that engages Latino Millennials in democracy.




Preeti Wali ’04 BA (IR/PSc) named senior director at Bully Pulpit Interactive

PreetiWaliPreeti Wali has been named the senior director at Bully Pulpit Interactive where she oversees client strategy, drives digital innovation and manages BPI client services teams based in New York. Prior to joining BPI, Wali served as vice president of integrated media and marketing in Bite Global’s San Francisco office where she managed client engagements with public companies, startups and venture capital firms. Bully Pulpit Interactive is a communications, marketing and advertising agency.

Daniela Michelle Vaca ’12 MPA/IR featured by NBC News on workplace equality

Daniela Michelle Vaca was featured on NBC News in an interview discussing her journey to success as a Hispanic women in the government sector. Additionally, she discusses workplace equality for women and minorities. In the interview she explains her current role and the work she does in, “trying to communicate the status, outcomes and the differences women in the labor force of different races and backgrounds face.” Michelle Vaca is an economist at the U.S. Department of Labor. She works in topics related to women in the labor force, with a focus and interest in minorities and immigrant women workers. Her interview can be found here.

Mary Cappabianca ’11 BA IR joins Harvard University’s Institute of Politics

Mary Cappabianca recently joined Harvard University’s Institute of Politics (IOP) as a digital communications specialist. The IOP was started by the Kennedy family to inspire young people to pursue careers in politics and public service. In her new role she will manage the IOP’s digital content and social media with the goal to make politics engaging for millennials. Previously, Cappabianca was the senior associate of public affairs and social media for The Aspen Institute.

Michele S. Cantos ’12 BA (IR)/ ’14 MA (IR) appears in a CNN interview series

alum-news-buttonMichelle Cantos


Michele Cantos, a Program Manager at the Future Leaders Foundation in New York City was featured in CNN Money’s “American Opportunity” series which highlights “the successes and struggles of making it in America”In her interview, Michele discusses her personal experience with the issue of birthright citizenship in the U.S. and her goal to bring economic growth to undeserved communities through social entrepreneurship.

The Future Leaders Foundation in New York City is home to an international network of diverse aspiring leaders. Michele is the Program Manager for the Future Global Leaders Fellowship, a competitive 3-year fellowship for college students at top-tier universities in the US, China, France, and Singapore who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership potential.