Carol Dwyer ’99 MA (PA) appointed director of mayoral initiatives for City of Syracuse


Carol Dwyer has been appointed director of mayoral initiatives by Syracuse mayor Stephanie A. Miner. This is not the first time Dwyer has taken on the role of director: for over 19 years, she has served as the director of the Community Benchmarks Program at the Maxwell School–a program that received the Chancellors Award for Public Engagement and Scholarship in 2007. In addition, Dwyer has received many other awards, including the award for Meritorious Community Service by Thursday Morning Roundtable in 1996, and the Levi L. Smith Civic Education Award from the Onondaga Citizens League in 2014.

More information about Dwyer’s new appointment as director of mayoral initiative can be found here.

Gian-Carl Casa ’80 BA (PSc)/’81 MA (PSc) gives keynote address at Kennedy Center Awards Dinner

alum-news-button Gian-Carl Casa gave the keynote address at the Kennedy Center Awards Dinner. The Kennedy Center is an internationally accredited, non-profit, community-based rehabilitation organization that offers service options to persons with disabilities and special needs. Casa was selected as keynote speaker for his many years of experience in the non-profit and government sectors. Currently, he is the president and CEO of the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, a statewide association representing nonprofit agencies across Connecticut. Previously, he served for five-and-a-half years as undersecretary for legislative affairs at the Connecticut state Office of Policy and Management. Before that, he worked for over two decades at the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, most recently as director of public policy and advocacy, where he oversaw many association-related activities.

Philip Moses ’90 MA (PSc) appointed as Director of CADRE, the National Center on Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education

PhilipMosesPhilip Moses has been appointed as the Director of the Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE). CADRE works to increase the Unites States’ capacity to resolve special education disputes. CADRE works with state and local education and early intervention systems, parent centers, families and educators to improve programs and results for children with disabilities. Moses has been at CADRE since 1999, where he served as CADRE’s first Technical Assistance Coordinator. Prior to working at CADRE, Moses was the Coordinator of the Program on Public Policy Dispute Resolution and Manager of the Mediation Assistance Program at the Government Law Center of Albany Law School.

Michele S. Cantos ’12 BA (IR)/ ’14 MA (IR) appears in a CNN interview series

alum-news-buttonMichelle Cantos


Michele Cantos, a Program Manager at the Future Leaders Foundation in New York City was featured in CNN Money’s “American Opportunity” series which highlights “the successes and struggles of making it in America”In her interview, Michele discusses her personal experience with the issue of birthright citizenship in the U.S. and her goal to bring economic growth to undeserved communities through social entrepreneurship.

The Future Leaders Foundation in New York City is home to an international network of diverse aspiring leaders. Michele is the Program Manager for the Future Global Leaders Fellowship, a competitive 3-year fellowship for college students at top-tier universities in the US, China, France, and Singapore who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership potential.



Holly Norton ’09 MA Anth / ’13 PhD Anth is a Colorado state archaeologist

Holly Norton was recently appointed as state archaeologist for the Colorado Historical Society, an organization that offers the public access to cultural and heritage resources of Colorado, including statewide museums and special programs for individuals and families. Prior to her work at the Colorado Historical Society, Norton served as a professor of history and politics at Regis University. Norton’s research interests include the African Diaspora and European expansion and collective violence.

Vladislav Kravtsov ’05 MA PSc / ’11 PhD PSc publishes new book on HIV/AIDS Governance

Vladislav Kravtsov recently published the book entitled, “Norm Diffusion and HIV/AIDS Governance in Putin’s Russia and Mbeki’s South Africa.” Kravtsov argues that recent debates about the nature of authority in Putlin’s Russia and Mbeki’s South Africa have resulted in a set of unique ideas on the cardinal goals of the state. The book explores how these consensual ideas have shaped health governance and impinged on norm diffusion processes. Kravtsov’s work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, and he currently serves as coinvestigator on the study Understanding Global Governance in a Globalizing World: International Cooperation in Response to HIV/AIDS. He is a frequent contributor to the debates about current affairs in the Russian media.

Amanda DiPaolo ’04 MA PSc / ’08 PhD PSc is the director of the Human Rights Program at St. Thomas University

Since 2014, Amanda DiPaolo has served as an associate professor at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick. DiPaolo was recently named the director of the human rights program, an academic program that prepares aspiring leaders for the struggle to respect and defend the inalienable rights of every human being while engaging in a global intercultural dialogue. Additionally, DiPaolo is the coach of the St. Thomas University moot court team.