Michael Castrilli ’99 MPA has new book published, “Parish Finance: Best Practices in Church Management”


Michael Castrilli’s new book, Parish Finance: Best Practices in Church Management, has been published with Paulist Press. The book, co-authored with Charles Zech, gives church leaders a guide to help achieve an effective, accountable and transparent financial process. Castrilli is the President of the Church Management Academy and an adjunct professor at Villanova University’s Center for Church Management and Business Ethics. At Villanova, he teaches courses on pastoral strategic planning and church decision-making in the Master of Science in Church Management program. He has also been a featured church management speaker at workshops across the U.S. and in Rome, Italy. In the book’s preface, Castrilli thanks three Maxwell School professors, Bill Duncombe (deceased), Bernard Jump and Stuart Bretschneider, as the preface notes, “who inspired him to pursue his excitement for budgeting and financial management,” during his time at Maxwell.

Adam Carrico ’15 MPA is now director of finance and operations for Fabretto Children’s Foundation

Adam Carrico is now director of finance and operations (U.S.) for Fabretto Children’s Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports children in education centers at over 300 primary schools in underprivileged rural and urban communities in Nicaragua. In his new position, Carrico is responsible for customer relationship management and donor coordination, and for the foundation’s U.S. budgeting and cash flow tasks, including expense forecasting.

Lloyd Alexander ’94 MPA is now vice president of strategic solutions at Pramata

alum-news-buttonLloyd Alexander is now vice president of strategic solutions at Pramata, a computer software company headquartered in Brisbane, Calif. The company specializes in customer relationship intelligence for Fortune 500 companies. In his new position, Alexander will lead expansion into new market opportunities, drive go-to-market strategies, and deliver thought leadership and industry best practices in the marketplace. Previously, Alexander was vice president of contract strategy at Seal Software. Prior to that he held various leadership positions at IBM/Emptoris including CLM practice executive and director of global sales consulting.

Ron Feldman ’90 MPA named first vice president and chief operating officer the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

alum-news-buttonRon Feldman is now vice president and chief operating officer the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.  As first vice president, Feldman leads and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Minneapolis Fed, including all operating and support function activities at the corporate headquarters in Minneapolis and its branch in Helena, Mont. Feldman joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis in 1995 in the Banking Supervision Department. He has since held several positions of increasing responsibility. He became a senior vice president in 2008 and executive vice president in 2013. In addition, Feldman oversaw the Financial Services Support Office, which assists in the oversight of the Federal Reserve’s financial services. Feldman has published research on a wide array of banking and financial topics. He is the co-author of Too Big to Fail: The Hazards of Bank Bailouts, published by the Brookings Institution (2004).

Brooke Dickson-Knowles ’00 MPA is now Acting Director of Privacy Management and Compliance for Department of Energy’s Privacy Program

alum-news-button Brooke Dickson-Knowles is now Acting Director of Privacy Management and Compliance for Department of Energy’s Privacy Program (DOE). In her new role, Dickson-Knowles manages the Department’s implementation of and compliance with federal laws, regulations, policies, and practices that protect the privacy of individuals who share their personal information with the Department. This new role comes after over 10 years of experience in the public sector as an information management and privacy specialist. Before joining the DOE in 2015 as a senior privacy analyst,  she was a privacy analyst with Scitor Corporation. In this role, she supported the implementation of policy protections for the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of individuals during the sharing of homeland security and counterterrorism information between federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations.


Jason Cole ’98 MPA named associate vice president of university relations at Cornell University


Jason Cole has been named associate vice president of university relations at Cornell University. Cole has more than 16 years of experience in government and government relations, with a broad background in organizational leadership, public policy development and advocacy, media relations, and political, issue, and brand campaigning. He currently serves as vice president of federal government relations at MetLife in Washington, D.C. Prior to his current position, Cole served as chief of staff for Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., and as legislative director for former Rep. Dennis Moore, D-Kan.

Armen Hratchian ’06 MPA is now chief operating officer at HighScope Educational Research Foundation

Armen Hratchian is now chief operating officer at HighScope Educational Research Foundation. HighScope is an independent not-for-profit research, development, training, and public outreach organization based in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The organization has played an important role in bringing early education to children, nationally and across the globe, for nearly 50 years. Previously, Hratchian was vice president of K12 Education at Excellent Schools Detroit, a not-for-profit organization aimed at providing a quality education for every child in Detroit by 2020.