Christopher Morley ’04 MPA/’09 PhD chairs department of public health


Christopher Morley has been named chair of the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Upstate Medical University. Morley began at Upstate as a principal research support specialist for Upstate in 2001, and has held faculty positions there for over a decade. Visit the press release for more information.


Christine Elliott ’11 appointed to Syracuse city government by Mayor, Ben Walsh ’05 MPA

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Christine Elliott is director of administration for City of Syracuse. She will oversee management and budget, finance, information technology and assessment. Before this appointment, she worked for Deloitte consulting in Alexandria, Va. For more information see the announcement article from

She was appointed by Ben Walsh, current mayor of Syracuse. After graduating from Maxwell, Walsh worked in Albany as a representative of the AFL-CIO, and in the administration of Stephanie Miner. As deputy commissioner under Miner he created the Syracuse Land Bank and played a hand in the renovation of the Hotel Syracuse.


Joe Mareane ’79 MPA retires from Tompkins County Legislature

alum-news-buttonMareaneJoe Mareane retired from his post as county administrator for Tompkins County, which has its county seat in Ithaca, N.Y. During his tenure, Mareane helped the county avoid many of the layoffs that followed the global financial crisis of 2007-2008. Before joining Tompkins county, Mareane was the Chief Fiscal Officer of Onondaga County, which has its county seat in Syracuse. To read about tributes paid to Mareane by the Tompkins County Legislature, read this article

Sierra Lloyd ’17 MPA joins education nonprofit

alum-news-buttonSierra LloydSierra Lloyd is scholarship program coordinator at Say Yes to Education, Inc. Say Yes connects high school students with the resources and support they need to graduate from college. In her role, Lloyd is responsible for representing the organization at partner colleges and public high schools. For more information about her new employer, visit its website.

Simone Martin ’11 MPA/IR joins the faculty of Long Island University

alum-news-buttonSimone MartinSimone Martin is an assistant professor in the masters of public administration program of Long Island University, at its Brooklyn campus. Her research examines the impact of community-based organizing on maternal health and child health outcomes in the Western Cape of South Africa. For more information about Simone’s research, visit her webpage at LIU-Brooklyn.

Lisa Henty ’09 MPA takes leadership role for Alexandria, Va.

alum-news-buttonLisa_HentyLisa Henty was chosen to serve as the assistant director for the office of management and budget for the city of Alexandra, Va. She will be responsible for supervising a team of five and managing the budget development process. Previously, Henty served the City of Durham, N.C., Orange County, N.C. and Albany County, N.Y. While working for Durham, she worked on budgets for parks and recreation, economic and workforce development, and the finance department. To read more about her new posting, click here.

Jason Yaley ’05 BA (IR/PSc)/’06 MPA joins board of Syracuse University Alumni Association

alum-news-buttonYaley110PXJason Yaley was selected to serve on the board of directors for the University’s Alumni Association. Yaley is assistant vice president of Aerospace Industries Association. He created the project, Orange Around the World, which sends care packages to alumni serving in the armed services. In 2016 he won the Generation Orange Award from Syracuse. To read more about his achievement, click here.