Christopher Morley ’04 MPA/’09 PhD chairs department of public health


Christopher Morley has been named chair of the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Upstate Medical University. Morley began at Upstate as a principal research support specialist for Upstate in 2001, and has held faculty positions there for over a decade. Visit the press release for more information.


Haley Swedlund ’07 MA (PSc)/’11 PhD (PSc) writes book on foreign aid

0Haley Swedlund wrote the book The Development Dance: How Donors and Recipients Negotiate the Delivery of Foreign Aid published by Cornell University Press. The book offers policymakers insights on successful donor-recipient relationships, and is based on hundreds of interviews with key decision-makers in donor agencies and recipient governments. Swedlund is assistant professor in the Nijmegen School of Management at Radboud University in the Netherlands.


Roger Hamlin ’72 MRP/’73 PhD (SSc) receives top honor from Babes-Bolyai University

alum-news-buttonPhotoRoger Hamlin received “Honoris Causa” from Babes-Bolyai University in Romania. Honoris Causa, similar to an honorary PhD, acknowledge’s the recipient’s contributions to their academic discipline. Hamlin built a partnership between Michigan State University and Babes-Bolyai University beginning in the mid-1990s. He developed a technical-assistance program, assisted in course and curricula creation, mid-career training for public officials, joint research, and conferences. Hamlin is Professor Emeritus at Michigan State University’s School of Planning, Design and Construction.

Yasmin Ortiga ’13 MA (Soc)/’15 PhD (Soc) writes book on emigration in the Philippines

alum-news-buttonOrtiga_cropYasmin Ortiga recently wrote a new book entitled “Emigration, Employability and Higher Education in the Philippines.” The book, which is based on her dissertation, was published as part of the Routledge Critical Studies in Asian Education series. The book examines the challenges that labor emigration has put on the Filipino higher education system. Ortiga is currently a lecturer at the National University of Singapore.

Rosemary O’Leary ’88 PhD (PA) picks up three lifetime achievement awards, completes set of five

alum-news-buttonrosemary-olearyRosemary O’Leary won three awards for lifetime achievement in public administration this past summer, including the Routledge Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Management Research from the International Research Society for Public Management, the Frederickson Award from the Public Management Research Association, and the Keith C. Provan Award from the Academy of Management. With these three awards, O’Leary has won five out of the available five lifetime achievement awards in her field. In 2014 she was awarded the Dwight Waldo Award from the American Society for Public Administration and in 2016 she won the John Gaus Award from the American Political Science Association. To see more about her achievements, click here.

Alexander Rossino ’92 MA (Hist) / ’99 PhD (Hist) publishes novel about the Civil War

alum-news-buttonSixDaysSept_LRGAlexander Rossino has published Six Days in September with Savas Beatie, a publisher of historical titles of distinction. The book is a historical novel based on true events that occurred in the Civil War, specifically General Robert E. Lee’s Maryland campaign of 1862. Previously Rossino has published extensively on WWII, Germany, and the Holocaust including the 2003 book Hitler Strikes Poland: Blitzkrieg, Ideology, and Atrocity from the University Press of Kansas. For more information about Rossino’s new book, click here.

Raissian ’08 MPA/’13 PhD (PA) and Bullinger ’12 MPA find raising minimum wage reduces child neglect

alum-news-buttonRaissian & BullingerKerri Raissian and Lindsey Bullinger recently published “Money matters: does the minimum wage affect child maltreatment rates?” in Children and Youth Services Review. They reviewed eleven years of records on child abuse and neglect and found that increases in the minimum wage correlate with declining child maltreatment rates. Their findings were recently featured on To read that article, click here.  Raissian is assistant professor of public policy at University of Connecticut, where she specializes in child and family policy, family violence and child welfare. Bullinger is associate instructor in the school of public and environmental affairs at Indiana University at Bloomington.