Andrew Berlin ’83 BA (PSc) appointed to Illinois State Police Merit Board


Andrew Berlin has been named to the Illinois State Police Merit Board by Illinois governor Bruce Rauner. The goal of the Illinois State Police Merit Board is to remove political influence in the selection of new Illinois State Trooper candidates. The Board also ensures that the promotion and discipline of Illinois State police officers is based upon a fair and equitable merit process. Berlin’s appointment to the Merit Board comes at the heels of his long-standing commitment to law enforcement; in addition to raising funds to support the Illinois State Police Heritage Memorial, he has produced an Emmy Award winning documentary: Never Forgotten–a film which honors fallen officers. Berlin is chairman and chief executive officer of Berlin Packaging, a $2.3 billion global supplier of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures.

More information about Andrew Berlin, his appointment to the Illinois State Police Merit Board, and Berlin Packaging can be found here.




Jennifer Osias ’13 BA (IR/PSc) is now senior strategist at Revolution Messaging


Jennifer Osias is now senior strategist at Revolution Messaging. Based out of Washington, D.C., Revolution Messaging is a digital marketing and advertising firm founded by key members of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign. The organization is aimed at advancing progressive causes for a diverse clientele–from political campaigns and government agencies, to labor unions and nonprofits. Previously, Osias served as candidate fundraising assistant for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the official campaign arm for the Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Madeline Tormey ’16 BA (PSc/PSt) is now project management analyst for Hagerty Consulting

Madeline Tormey is now a project management analyst for Hagerty Consulting. Hagerty Consulting is an emergency management consulting firm established in 2001. The firm assists clients in disaster preparedness and recovery, and has worked on projects after September 11th and Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. Hagerty Consulting was founded by Steve Hagerty ’93 MPA.

Alison Hodin-Baier ’94 BA PSt / ’95 MPA appointed Associate Executive Director at DOROT

alum-news-buttonAlison Hodin-Baier was appointed associate executive director at DOROT, a Manhattan-based non-profit social service organization that provides a wide range of services for seniors. In this position she overseas DOROT’s community services, friendly visiting, and volunteer services programs. As well as, its new effort to measure program impact against key metrics. Prior to this position, Hodin-Baier worked for the philanthropic arm of the NYC Department for the Aging (DFTA). It was there that she held a dual role as executive director of the Aging in New York Fund and managing director of DFTA’s Volunteer Resource Center.

Ron O’Hanley ’80 BA (PSc) takes the helm at State Street


7th Annual Capital Markets Summit
Ron O’Hanley has recently been named president and chief executive officer of State Street Global Advisors, a leading investment management firm. O’Hanley has nearly 30 years experience in financial services, including leadership roles at Fidelity Investments, BNY Mellon, and McKinsey & Company. For more information about O’Hanley’s new firm, see this website.

Ruth Schlesinger Sherman ’73 BA (PSc) recognized for service to underprivileged/marginalized students


Ruth Schlesinger Sherman was awarded the Syracuse University’s Orange Circle Award, an award for altruistic members of the University community. She won the award for her work with a school for underprivileged students in New York City. Sherman is president of The Friends of the Leadership and Public Service High School, an institution that is associated with Syracuse University. The school offers programs of academic excellence to students from underserved populations. Sherman’s work there includes helping students inculcate an ethic of community responsibility and public service. For more information on the school, see this webpage.

Mary Plasencia ’13 BA (PSc/IR) joins the Democratic House Committee


Mary Plasencia is the national finance assistant at the Democratic congressional campaign committee, the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. Previously, she was a legislative assistant and a staff assistant in the House. Plasencia has been working in D.C. since 2013. For more info on her new employer, see this webpage.